Our Vision

She is just getting started—not just with her life, but in her journey as a woman. That’s a daunting task for any girl, but trying to be resourceful and ambitious in communities where the odds aren’t in your favor can seem nearly impossible. 

We can help give girls a greater chance of success. With information, support, and  access to affordable menstrual care products, she’s more likely to stay in school and to  grow up confident and strong, so she can contribute to her community and the world. But she needs our help. Why? Because she’s just getting started.


PATH is an international nonprofit organization that saves lives and improves health, especially among women and children.


The Case for Menstrual Health

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A culture of silence around menstruation creates barriers to open discussion and support.

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Fear & Isolation

Without education from parents and teachers, girls often begin menarche in isolation, without any understanding of what is happening to their bodies.

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Limited Resources

In many low-resource settings, this culture of silence is compounded by limited resources to help women manage their periods.

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Global Movement

Insufficient attention to menstrual care within gender and reproductive health education, a lack of access to affordable and appropriate menstrual care products, and an absence of appropriate sanitation and waste disposal systems limit women’s potential and perpetuate gender inequalities.

Fortunately, there is a growing global movement to address these gaps. With increased support, these efforts have the potential to unlock tremendous health and opportunity for girls, women, and communities around the globe.


The Need for Solutions

Poor menstrual health exacts a tremendous human and financial toll. A growing body of global research links menstruation with school absenteeism, limited mobility, and lost workplace productivity.

PATH’s work in menstrual health

Recognizing these costs, leaders, experts, and communities worldwide are joining a growing movement to address and improve menstrual health.


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